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Find Your Extraordinary!

Find Your Extraordinary is about building confidence in yourself to be the best at utilizing all your skills and talents. This book is interactive and fun with every day applications that are informative and effective for everyone to Find Your Extraordinary.

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Quarterback the $ale

Learn to quarterback the entire sales team by recognizing each person involved. This allows you to understand what each person in the process needs and how to win them over to your team! You will learn to build relationships in the sales game that will allow you to be successful every day, month and year.

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Get The Job You Want

Arthur Brite has won numerous sales and management awards in his 30+ years in sales. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on interviewing, conducted over 3000 interviews and hired/trained over 200 people. He knows what it takes to win the job interview every time. His unique and highly successful method have proven to advance many careers by separating the candidate from the rest of the prospective hiring field. This method is not found anywhere else. Arthur shares his award-winning interview tips to ensure that you will be in control of the interview and win every time! This is the book every highly-motivated, successful person needs to own to understand how to be the win your job interview!!

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Successful Managers

As a national sales manager and regional sales manager for 26 years, I won many awards and so did my sales team. Over 85% of my hires achieved President’s Club and annual award-winning status! I was successful because I was able to show my team respect and trust to build relationships that proved highly beneficial to everyone. Oh, by the way, we had a great deal of fun which made us even more successful. If you want your team to perform at the highest level, then be positive, respectful and make it fun! I had the highest 360 scores in the 40-year history of my company, and our team was winning awards. 360 scores are anonymous surveys from your team which state how they feel about you.

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The Monster Over My Bed

A story of faith and survival from childhood abuse. Abuse is not your fault and does not define you. Please know you or a loved one does not need to live with abuse, loneliness and pain all the while feeling lost and hopeless. This is not the life you were meant to live! Recovery is available with just a word, note or sign to someone that you need help. I finally reachedout and others took my hand. So many will take your hand and give the love and support needed. Life can be so wonderful!!!

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Corporate Candy

This book will empower your team, management and anyone currently hustling in the corporate world. By listening, you show respect and build trust to strengthen your relationship with your people. Too often, I saw managers who felt they were “the smartest person in the room.” That led to many bad, uninformed and costly decisions.

Arthur Brite shares experiences and lessons from over 37 years of working for market leaders in the corporate world. This book will inform and inspire management and employees alike with stories and examples of best practices and guidelines for success. Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd and maneuver through corporate politics and culture successfully. Apply Arthur’s methods for problem-solving which encourage creative solutions and accountability instead of stagnation. Develop the character traits that will make you stand out and succeed in your work and personal life. Earn respect, trust and loyalty from colleagues and create an atmosphere where you can all grow and succeed — and enjoy doing so.

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