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The 4 C’s Formula and Why It Works

The 4 C’s are based on basic human needs that are important to all of us and therefore must be present for success. We all want to be heard, be appreciated and feel respected. Commitment says we are all in and passionate about our visions and that is starts with each of us. Communication insures understanding, alleviates frustration and shows respect. This leads to Connection, which lets people know they are important and part of the team. This turns a have to person, into a motivated, excited want to person which in turn results in Creativity. These 4 C’s lead the person to the other 2 C’s which guarantee a happier, fulfilled and productive person. Confidence and Control are yours to take on any task, challenge and dream!

Communicating as a Leader

Extraordinary is attainable for everyone, not just a chosen few. We put others on a pedestal and view extraordinary as unattainable by the common man. All those people started out the same way and became extraordinary in one aspect of their life while continuing to be quite ordinary in other aspects just like you! People are people.

Don’t sell yourself short! Once we realize this concept, we are empowered to go out and make our dreams happen. We understand we will fail in order to succeed.

This is both expected and needed to move forward to your dream. You will enter in uncharted waters so embrace the journey.This is the American Dream for anyone who believes!

Quarterback the Sale

Your sales team is selling you positive support. What? Yeah, you need them to continually advise, direct or connect you with resources. In essence, they are your resource team. Once again, why do it all yourself. No twisting in the wind or banging your head because you couldn’t get by a challenge on your own. You are the QB and they serve as your coaches. Let them call some plays and give advice and then you make the call.

Corporate Candy

Are you a Trusted Resource in your Company?

This presentation will empower your team, management and anyone currently hustling in the corporate world. By listening, you show respect and build trust to strengthen your relationship with your people. Too often, I saw managers who felt they were “the smartest person in the room.” That led to many bad, uninformed and costly decisions.

  • Learn to build trust through active listening in a corporate setting.
  • How to be successful moving your career forward in the corporate world.
  • Learn how to empower teams to be better informed and make less costly decisions.

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